This Article Discusses The Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment Options For The Same.

So the person planning to have this surgery done, must also inquire about the same. However, if it was a serious eye injury, then you will experience eye pain. Treatment and Precautionary Measures As mentioned earlier, subconjunctival haemorrhage is a harmless condition that is self-limiting in nature. Conjunctivitis causes swelling of the blood vessels on the surface of the eyes, and makes them look bloodshot. In case of subconjunctival haemorrhage, no treatment is recommended, provided, there is no infection or significant trauma. Learn about the causes of these dark spots, that block your vision, in the following... This condition may be caused due to the presence of a foreign particle entering the eye or due to a viral infection. Drinking Rooibos tea is also considered extremely beneficial for bloodshot eyes.

haemophilia is identified by the absence of blood clotting factors in the blood. For reducing eye redness, close your eyes and splash cold water over them. The exact cause of cluster headache is not known, nor there are any trigger factors for it. This article discusses the causes, symptoms, and treatment options for the same.

subconjunctival hemorrhage